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There’s no denying that most trees decorate and increase the value of homes. Unfortunately, trees either add or subtract value depending on their state and location—some trees are dying while others grow in inconvenient places. If your tree is a hazard, it should be removed as quickly as possible by a professional. This isn’t a feat we recommend you try by yourself. Tree removal should always be done by a professional.  

When you’re dealing with a risky tree, the last thing you need is an incompetent company. Fortunately, we provide tree services that are suited to our client’s specific requirements. If you live in the Dallas region, JP Tree Services LLC could be your go-to tree removal company. Since 1998, we have assembled a team of the best arborists to provide a wide range of services ranging from tree removal to tree maintenance.

Reasons for tree removal 

There are numerous reasons you might require a tree removal service, whether for aesthetic or safety concerns.

  • It’s affecting the health of other plants or trees.
  • It’s affecting power lines.
  • The branches might fall and injure someone or cause damage to your home.
  • Pests are attracted to dead trees.
  • You have a building or renovation job planned, and the tree is on its way. 

Tree Trimming

Do you want your trees to look vast and less fragile? Pruning and trimming are efficient ways to expose shaded plants to more sunshine and improve trees’ overall health. Moreover, the lower limbs of trees are removed to make room for driveways, walkways, and other structures. Our team will make sure that the skirt line of each tree is progressive enough so that it doesn’t jump from one height to the next.

Stump Removal

Allow us to remove dangerous stumps that take up valuable yard space. Stumps can be unsightly, especially if connected to any running roots extending throughout your yard. Stump removal also minimizes insect activity, prevents new and undesirable growth, and makes space for future landscaping.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the most efficient method of completing the tree removal procedure. Our highly experienced team members can securely handle our cutting-edge equipment to remove your stump and exposed roots. We make mulch from the stump grinds.


JP Tree Services LLC  

Ensures a Safe Removal

Residential tree removal demands meticulous planning and execution. Trees in neighborhoods are frequently surrounded by important plants and structures. As a result, tree removal services must be carried out in a manner that protects people and assets in the surrounding area. 

Cutting down a tree safely, particularly a large tree, needs precise removal by skilled experts using cutting-edge equipment. Our selection of specialized instruments used for tree removal is influenced by the circumstances of your landscape, the branch architecture, and the health of your tree.